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Kung Fu Wanganui


Keith Street Primary School
38 Keith Street, Wanganui

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To get in touch with the Wanganui club, contact:

Matthew Deihl
Mobile: 022 0411 251

Class Schedule

Children - 6-7PM (7yrs+)
Teens - 7-8.30PM
Adults - 7-8.30PM

Children - 6-7PM (7yrs+)
Teens - 7-8.30PM
Adults - 7-8.30PM

Combined - 1:30-3:00PM (7yrs+)

Please note, class will be closed on the last Thursday of each month.
For details click on our "Events Calendar" in the "Kung Fu Zone"

Your First Kung Fu Class

Congratulations on taking the first step. Here's a list of things you should be aware of for your first class:

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. This allows us to meet with you to explain a little about our history and how the class operates and then pair you up with a training buddy.

New people are paired with a senior to ensure they get the best attention during the class.

Wear loose fitting long pants and a plain t-shirt. No shorts, singlet tops, or offensive markings/alcohol advertising.

You can bring a drink bottle if you wish or purchase one on site.

If you come with an open mind and a good attitude you will enjoy yourself.

We welcome you to your own martial arts journey.

Class Bio

The Wanganui Club was opened in 2009, and has been running for five years. We are situated at the Keith St Primary School Hall. Children and adult classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The hall provides us with ample room, as well as being warm in the winter, it has sufficient ventilation to keep cool during the summer.
Gow lian Deihl has been teaching in Wanganui since the beginning of 2013. He started training under Gow lian Stirling in 2009.

Instructor Bio

I started Shaolin Gao Can Man Nam Pai Chuan Kung-Fu in 2009, training with Gow Lian Stirling in Feilding and I frequently traveled to Palmerston North to train under Si Gung at Julian Shan.
When I first started Kung-Fu I was quite introverted and did not know many people in the Manawatu outside of my family. Kung-Fu greatly helped me and is a major boost for my self-esteem . I formed many close friendships over the years since starting Kung-Fu which I attribute to the family atmosphere that is promoted and felt with in the class. Kung-Fu is a large and very important part of my life. It has given me strength and determination as well as the development of my confidence and self-esteem.
Kung-Fu has presented many opportunities of which I cherish for many years to come. In 2011 we were lucky enough to train with Tai Si Gung Lai when he visited Palmerston North. And in 2012 when I went to Japan with Si Gung and Gow Lian Waghorn to train with the students of Wakayama.
In 2013 it was an honour when Si Gung asked me to teach the Wanganui club. I try to make training as fun and enjoyable as possible while maintaining a physically challenging class. Also striving to maintain the family atmosphere that helps keep me passionate about Kung-Fu and passing on the knowledge that has been passed down from Cho Si through Si Gung.
If you are considering giving Kung-Fu a go, then my advice is to come along and try a class. I believe you will discover the many benefits of Kung-Fu, as well as improving your fitness, you get to enjoy yourself and make some great friends.
Gow-Lian Matthew Deihl